After School Spring 2017: Week 10

Dream Boxes

As the year is coming to a close the girls spent their second to last Girlstart meeting talking and writing about their future! 


The club leaders began by asking the girls what they wanted to accomplish the next school year, then in middle school, high school, college and finally what their dream job is. For middle school and high school the girls’ goals ranged from joining band to playing soccer and getting good grades. When it came to dream jobs many wanted to be veterinarians, surgeons and teachers. While others said singers, engineers, scientists and one girl even said she wanted to become so smart she would be famous. 


While talking about college, the girls were given a small cardboard box and paper to write a letter to their future selves that contained their goals. Some wrote a short sentence and drew a picture while others filled up the whole page. As the girls wrote more and more they began to open up and proudly proclaim their dreams. In the end, each girls’ personality shined through in the way they decorated their box and in their unique ambitious dreams. 

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