After School Spring 2017: Week 2

Cookie Mining

Girlstart students are digging deep and learning skills found in the Petroleum Engineer career! In small groups, students practiced mining for “mineral deposits” and calculating the environmental cost of their excavations.

First, girls timed the process of using toothpicks to “mine” for chocolate chip minerals on the surface of a cookie. After extracting the mineral deposits, students “processed” the valuable resources by separating the chocolate from any cookie crumbs that remained. Each minute spent mining and processing was multiplied by $20 to find the “Mining and Processing Fee.” A “Total Land Damage Fee” was calculated based on the number of broken cookie pieces, and an “Environmental Impact Fee” of $100 was added on top of that. Students realized that mining for mineral deposits is quite expensive! After adding up the value of their mined chocolate chips and calculating their profits, girls recorded their thoughts in their journals. Some groups made a profit, but others went under.


In order to decrease their expenses, girls worked together to strategize. Suggestions included increased mining speed or greater care to avoid breaking the cookie into pieces. Students were also challenged to consider different situations. If the mineral deposit was a nut or a raisin, how would that change the drilling strategy?

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