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After School Spring 2017: Week 10

Dream Boxes

As the year is coming to a close the girls spent their second to last Girlstart meeting talking and writing about their future! 


The club leaders began by asking the girls what they wanted to accomplish the next school year, then in middle school, high school, college and finally what their dream job is. For middle school and high school the girls’ goals ranged from joining band to playing soccer and getting good grades. When it came to dream jobs many wanted to be veterinarians, surgeons and teachers. While others said singers, engineers, scientists and one girl even said she wanted to become so smart she would be famous. 

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Hands-On Wednesday

Paper Challenge

How strong is a piece of paper? In this investigation you will discover just how strong it can be, and the answer may just surprise you. Play around with different shapes to see if one supports more weight than the others, and count just how many books you can stack!

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After School 'to Go' Spring 2017: Week 9

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

This week, To-Go students practiced important skills used by Marine Engineers! Girls identified properties of different plastics, then applied this knowledge to a marine animal rescue device!


Girls prepared for the activity by discussing what they already knew about plastics. Students talked about everyday objects that contained plastic, how they disposed of these objects, and what properties these objects possessed. Next, each table worked together to determine properties of different plastic samples. Students observed the transparency, luster, brittleness, and rigidness of each plastic piece, then tested each piece for buoyancy.

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After School Spring 2017: Week 9

Miner Rescue

This week the girls became Drilling Engineers as they explored the engineering design process as they created a prototype to rescue trapped miners. They were able to step into the shoes of the petroleum engineers who saved the chilean miners back in 2010 and see how a career in this field can be interesting and full of new challenges. 

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