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After School 'to Go' Spring 2017: Week 1


It’s only the first week of After School To-Go’s spring semester, but students are already finding their wings as they learn about the Research Pilot career! Girls created expectations that will help them learn and apply STEM skills throughout the semester, then they jumped right into the activity!

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After School Spring 2017: Week 1

Lights Out!

It’s the first week of Girlstart After School, but our students are already expanding their STEM skills as physicists! Girls are encouraged to be brave, creative, and curious by creating a positive space for everyone to learn. Groups created a list of expectations that they promise to abide by as they learn about concepts like frequency and wavelength of light energy and the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Water Slides

Paper towel rolls get a new and exciting use in this activity. Using paper towel rolls and other household items, engineer an exciting water slide prototype. How steep can you make your slide? Make sure that there’s no leaks, and you’ll have a fun summer activity in the middle of winter!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Hot Chocolate Science

When doing a science experiment, we always have to ensure that we have independent and dependent variables, and a constant. At Girlstart, we believe that it doesn’t hurt if one of our constants is yummy hot chocolate mix! Follow the scientific process to see at which temperatures hot chocolate dissolves best. Hopefully the result will be a yummy treat!

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