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Make Your Own Lip Gloss

Check out Katelyn on We Are Austin (Keye) at 4pm. She’ll talk about Girls In STEM Conference and make lip gloss! Here’s the recipe to make it at home:

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Zavala Explorers

This week the ladies of Zavala Elementary explored soil and its characteristics. 5 different types of soil were closely examined by observing and recording its texture, color, and shape. I asked each girl to share something unique they discovered throughout the experiment and collectively we created a result chart. The chart illustrated the differences found among the common sediment or as one girl interpreted, “it’s all soil from the earth but comes in different colors, like people”.

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Funnel Filters

This week the ladies of McBee Elementary learned about water pollution and ways to reverse its effects. We learned about different water pollutants in small groups, and then demonstrated some of these effects on glasses of water. Since each group was now stuck with a soiled glass of water containing dirt, soap and trash, we put our thinking skills to the test and created filter systems. What great engineers!

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