Girlstart Houston

Girlstart’s 2015-2017 strategic plan calls for Girlstart to scale up in Houston, DFW, and the Rio Grande Valley. Our plan calls for Girlstart to deliver at least 10 Girlstart After School programs in Houston in Fall 2016, reaching at least 200 girls. We are on track to exceed these goals. Current partner school districts include Alief and Houston ISDs, with 10+ ISDs currently on a wait list. In Summer 2017, Girlstart aims to deliver 4 Girlstart Summer Camp programs in Houston, reaching at least 80 girls. 100% of these girls would participate at no cost. Locations for camp would be Alief and Houston ISDs.

Identifying philanthropic support to accomplish these goals is vital for our ability to serve girls in Houston. We have successfully been self-funding—through reserves and general operating cash on hand—a pilot of our program in Alief and Houston ISDs since 2015. In summer 2016, we hired our first full-time program coordinator and secured office space in Houston. To continue our Houston scale-up, however, and expand to reach more of the districts on our wait list, we must identify a network of local partners who seek to support these programs. 

To accomplish this, we have launched a Houston Council, whose work will sustain Girlstart's year-round programs in Houston. 

Girlstart’s Houston Council

Founded in 2015, Girlstart’s Houston Council is a group of leaders dedicated to changing the game for girls and women in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Members of the Houston Council join a network of civic, corporate, and community leaders and play a vital role in Girlstart’s expansion in Houston. The Houston Council builds networks and partnerships to solidify and sustain Girlstart’s scale up, to ensure that girls in Houston may access to Girlstart’s high-quality STEM education programs

Membership is initiated through mutual interest and is extended by invitation. Houston Council members participate in exclusive events that nurture their professional networks at the same time they make a significant impact on girls’ lives. 

The Chair of the Houston Council also has a place on Girlstart’s Board of Directors.

To help us grow Girlstart in the Houston area, please sign up to become a STEM Champion today!