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Hands-On Wednesday

The Power of Bleach

Put some food coloring in water and observe the vibrant color. Can you think of a way to lighten the color? Learn the chemistry behind bleach and add some to the water. Then, experience the power of bleach firsthand as it dissolves in the water and observe the fading changes!

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After School Week 5

Engineering the Earth: Exploring Soil

When you see a footprint, can you tell what type of soil it has? This week the girls experimented as soil scientists! First, they learned that soil is actually made up of air too! They placed a soil clod in a cup of water and observing the air bubbles. 

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After School 'To Go' Week 4

Exploring the Earth Lesson 4: Moving Through Soil

Have you ever thought about how important soil can be? Yes, it is VERY important. The girls worked as Environmental Engineers to study pollution and how soil can be a great filter for the earth. First, students poured “polluted water,” that was represented by water with purple food coloring, into a punctured cup of sand and another of sand and soil.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Homemade Compass

Before we had technology or a GPS, people often relied on a compass to navigate. You can now build your own compass at home by magnetizing a needle! By polarizing the poles of the needle with a magnet, it will float on the water and always point North.

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