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After School Week 9

Exploring Ecosystems

Understanding the ecosystems around us requires ecologists to consider three things. Girlstart’s after
school participants did just that last week. To better understand the factors that affect animal
populations, human impact on the environment, and the importance of balancing species’ populations,
the girls created a food web by connecting relationships of a variety of producers and consumers.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Ketchup in Bottle

Ever wonder why some objects float and others sink? It’s all about buoyancy! Watch the ketchup packet change positions by adding pressure to the bottle.

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After School Week 8

Working With Wind

Our After School girls explored objects that operate with wind energy before building
and testing their own wind turbine system. The teams were challenged to design a wind
turbine that could lift the heaviest load. They ran trials to determine if the number of
blades impacted the mass that could be lifted and they identified how they could be used
to generate electricity.

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Hands-On Wednesday

Seesaw Candle

This seesaw candle experiment puts into practice Sir Isaac Newton’s third law, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Watch physics come to life as wax drips from the candle propelling the see-saw motion!

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