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After School Spring 2017: Week 11


In this final week of Girlstart After School, the girls had the opportunity to pick some of their favorite experiments of the semester and redo them in order to show their parents the amazing things they had learned! The week before, the girls chose the top five experiments of the semester which included Lights Out, Cookie Mining, Sedimentation Rock Cups, River Pollution, and Miner Rescue.

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Curiosity Cube Inspires Hands-On STEM Exploration

By Tamara Hudgins

(Photo Credit: MilliporeSigma)

Be brave, creative, and curious: that’s what we say at Girlstart every day. We hope to inspire girls to make this their personal goal, because we believe that these three traits are vital to nurturing tomorrow’s STEM workforce. Everything that we do is designed to foster interest and excitement in STEM studies, majors, and careers. MilliporeSigma—a long-time partner and supporter of our programs—demonstrates this same belief through its science education efforts, aimed at inspiring curiosity in the next generation of scientists. In the past, the company helped to fund our summer camp and after-school programs, including new programs for high-need Round Rock schools.

MilliporeSigma’s newest initiative—the Curiosity Cube™—is right in line with our mission, and brings STEM exploration and innovation directly to communities around the world, particularly those that might not have such a great resource readily available. With a range of hands-on STEM activities for all ages, the Curiosity Cube—a 22x10-foot retrofitted shipping container turned mobile science lab—connects children to STEM concepts and ideas, fostering  their interest in further STEM exploration.


Hands-On Wednesday

Straw Boats

 The weather is heating up here in Austin, and we’re excited to get outside and play with water. This experiment allows us to do just that as we work as engineers to design a boat using just a few materials. Our challenge is to see just how many pennies our boat can support. Try this one outside on a sunny day!

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After School Spring 2017: Week 10

Dream Boxes

As the year is coming to a close the girls spent their second to last Girlstart meeting talking and writing about their future! 


The club leaders began by asking the girls what they wanted to accomplish the next school year, then in middle school, high school, college and finally what their dream job is. For middle school and high school the girls’ goals ranged from joining band to playing soccer and getting good grades. When it came to dream jobs many wanted to be veterinarians, surgeons and teachers. While others said singers, engineers, scientists and one girl even said she wanted to become so smart she would be famous. 

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