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Hands-On Wednesday

Fireworks In A Jar

Have you ever wanted to capture a firework? Well now you can! Watch what happens when liquids with different densities come in contact with each other and create your own fireworks in a jar for this 4th of July!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Pop Rocks Expander

Pop rocks: we all love the fizzy, flavorful fun sealed inside each shiny package. But the magic behind the popping comes from nothing other than carbon dioxide stored within each candy crystal. Watch what happens when the carbon dioxide escapes from the crystals in this fun experiment!

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Hands-On Wednesday

Fizzy Cloud Dough

Have you ever wanted to see a cloud grow? Using this dough and some vinegar, you can watch the fluffy dough expand into a pile of bubbles.

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Meet a STEM Crew Counselor

Welcome to the Summer Team, Ellen!

Major: Biochemistry

College: The University of Texas at Austin

When did you graduate/or expect to graduate? 2012

What do you want to do when you graduate? High School Biology Teacher

What are you excited about for this summer? Meeting new people and getting to do some fun Girlstart experiments!

What is one of your favorite summer memories from when you were a kid? My favorite summer memories involve getting to play team building games at summer camps.

Favorite Sonic drink: Cherry Limeade 

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